Tony's Coffee

Coffee Roaster & Wholesaler


Tony's originally hired me to redesign their packaging using elements of previous version, simplified with focus on texture and labels.  The packaging has flexibility for standard set of labels as well as custom illustrated/designed.  These designs translate to all aspects of the retail display including coffee dispensers, bulk bins, signage and retail displays.

Packaging for other products include cold brew cartons, single serve cups and rare coffees reflecting both Tony's brand and the uniqueness of the  products.   

Marketing Materials

These materials engage with both broad and specific audiences and applications while maintaining brand recognition. Examples include grocery store shelf talkers, trade show banners, web advertising, cafe event posters, retailer information and more. 



Products and apparel for Tony's retail sales. 

Collaboration with artist Zac Culler .

Private Label Coffees

Tony's Coffee works with retailers such as Haggen's or PCC to create private label offering packaged coffees using the company's identity.